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mental health clinical and consultative services in traditional and non-traditional settings. We also provide medical social work and case-management services to individuals, hospitals, managed care organization, community mental health centers, home health agencies, and residential treatment facilities, etc. Clinical services may include psychological assessment and treatment, crisis evaluation and management, and case-management services.

includes developing and

implementing quality improvement and utilization monitoring programs, as well as assisting companies with appeals of clinical services and claims. DebLinís consultative experience includes the full spectrum of psychological services and also includes home health and rehabilitation services (i.e. Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, etc.), as it pertains to quality and utilization monitoring systems for treatment and social services.

To provide accessible, quality driven, and comprehensive treatment, consultation and case-management services to the mental health community. DebLin strives to empower each client/consumer to achieve his/her highest level of independent functioning, regardless of their diagnosis. Our goal is to think and function beyond traditional treatment approaches, when they do not meet the needs of our clientís right to obtain services in the least restrictive environment possible. DebLin believes that this can be accomplished while still maintaining the highest ethical, moral and quality standards.

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